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Reading through this article, last night I found this article touched on some important points in regards to Covid and it impacts on the housing market, yet still only scraped the surface of Covid and it’s impact on decisions when it comes to buying houses, the commitments we used to consider when buying a house as well as how we view our homes in general, whether it a 4 bedroom house or studio apartment. In the article link below the author discusses the migration of home buyers from the cities to instead the countryside, citing the reason being the greater space afforded living in the countryside and the lessened anxieties of living in sparsely populated area during a ongoing pandemic. Living out in the countryside I can definitely agree with these statements but I would also like to add to this with my own views.

Covid has changed how we live our lives with new restrictions to our daily lives has also come liberations. Working remotely from home pre 2020 would have been dream to many, but now has become a reality and has brought its own range of advantages and disadvantages. Such advantages being that when it comes to selecting where to live people are no longer tethered by their jobs and with many companies looking at downsizing their office space this doesn’t look like something that will be changing in the near future.

This brings me to my second point that being how we view our homes before Covid it was a place where I sleep and relax. Now during Covid it has become a workplace, a gym, the kitchen has taken on new meaning as I re-discovered my joy for cooking and the back room, a room became my summer project. I am not alone as peoples homes or prospective home became and are becoming canvases for new projects, with lines as far as can be seen outside the local DIY store during the peak of lockdown.

Covid is not just leading to migration to the countryside but changing how we view homes and what we value. So that has got me thinking has Covid changed what you look for in a property and how you view your home? 

Original article by BBC News: